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All of the Nightbirds' Music is written, recorded, produced, mixed & mastered by Robin Gibson

Robin Gibson - (All Songs) Vocals, Rhythm Acoustic, Rhythm Electric Guitars, some lead guitar, keyboards, tambourine. All guitars by Robin Gibson on Who Took the Country, Coals of Fire, Never Gonna Let You Go, Pieces, Billie Jean, I Don't Like It

Skully - Bass

Edoardo Meregalli - Lead Guitar on Enough's Enough, I Don't Like It

Mike Simmons - Lead Guitar on Long Goodbyes, Hear the Angels, No Sign of Life, Rain, Not Really Here, Just After Midnight, While We're Breathin, Way Back Home, On Our Way, Merry Go Round, Love Will, Bring It Out

Vince Lansdell – Lead Guitar - All Uphill

Paul Simmons - Drums - Rain