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  • A MATTER OF TIME by the Nightbirds


    Listen to or buy the rockin new song from the Nightbirds
    A MATTER OF TIME - Choose your platform
  • BRING IT OUT by the Nightbirds now available on TIDAL


    BRING IT OUT by the Nightbirds written, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Robin Gibson -

    Robin Gibson vocals, rhythm and some lead guitars, tambourine
    Mike Simmons, Lead Guitar
    Bass by Skully
  • I DON'T LIKE IT new release from the Nightbirds


    I DON'T LIKE IT - Uber Cool new song from the Nightbirds. Written, recorded, mixed and mastered by Robin Gibson. Vocals, Rhythm & Lead Acoustic Guitars, Elec Rhythm Guitars, Robin Gibson. On Lead Electric Guitar, Edoardo Meregalli, on Bass, Skully
  • OUT NOW - ENOUGH's ENOUGH by the Nightbirds


    Rockin new ballad out now from the Nightbirds. Enough's Enough. Robin Gibson, vocals, rhythm electric guitar, acoustic guitar. Bass, Skully. Lead Electric Guitar featuring Edoardo Meregelli
  • Whenever You're Near Me new Dance Tune by the Nightbirds


    Whenever You're Near Me, the newest creation in the Nightbirds Dance Collection. Preview here at CD Baby, buy now or wait to Stream on your favorite digital platforms like the Nightbirds on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. Will be available on your favorite digital streaming platform in a couple days. #thenightbirdsband #nowplaying
  • Other bands claiming to be the Nightbirds - We are the Real Nightbirds


    Hi Folks, we wanted to drop you piece of news that's been a real headache for the Nightbirds. A lot of other people are distributing music calling themselves the Nightbirds, in fact, coming out of the woodwork, trying to cash in on our popularity.

    We have been keeping busy issuing legal take down notices to all the distributors and they have one by one been removing them based on our Trademark and Copyright Infringement Rights. Please bear with us as we get some of these imposters music off our digital platforms. It's out of our control as the music is not sorted by humans but rather a computer program. So, if you hear a song that says it's the Nightbirds and you say hey, that doesn't sound like the Nightbirds, well, it's probably because of wrong song placement by the distributors on any particular streaming platform. We are sorry for any confusion caused. We don't like it either and try to monitor this stuff. If you love the Nightbirds, than you will know or particular sound and know you're listening to the REAL NIGHTBIRDS
  • Coming Soon New Song from the Nightbirds "Whenever You're Near Me"


    New song coming soon from the Nightbirds. This is a break from the norm, but you never know what will be written. It's a dance tune, an in trance tune. We're excited to release it and especially excited for our European Release. We're looking forward to releasing it in the next week or so. "Whenever You're Near Me" written, recorded, mixed, produced by Robin Gibson. Bass by Skully. Watch Spotify for the release...
  • New Song & Video Alert from the Nightbirds "Long Goodbyes"


    Visit the Nightbirds on Facebook and check out their new song and video called "LONG GOODBYES".
  • the Nightbirds Band Merchandise Store Now Open


    Visit the Nightbirds Store. Buy band merchandise, cups, t-shirts, posters, hats, caps and more.
  • The new rendition of Billie Jean by the Nightbirds OUT NOW


    Check out the thumpin new rendition of Michael Jackson's Billie Jean in a new arrangement by the Nightbirds. Available now. Stream on Spotify or purchase from popular digital online retailers.
  • New single out now PIECES by the Nightbirds


    Download or stream the newest single from the Nightbirds "Pieces"

    Stream on Spotify

    Apple Music and Itunes
  • PIECES by the Nightbirds


    Pre-release. Request to hear the new song from the Nightbirds called PIECES. Request it now on Indie Rock 101 Nashville  | Southern Country Radio | Music Road Radio

    Thank you for your continued support!


    Watch the video for what is sure to be a new Christmas Classic from the Nightbirds "HEAR THE ANGELS"

    Song available for instant download:
  • Who Took the Country


    Well, we've had over 42,000 video views and still counting. Over 200 shares and counting. Lots of positive feedback. Thank you to everyone who has watched. Stay tuned for our Christmas song coming soon. Buy "Who Took the Country" available for digital download.
  • World Premiere Video from the Nightbird's Country Collection


    Watch now on VEVO the new song from the Nightbird's Country Collection "WHO TOOK THE COUNTRY"

    Watch Now on Vevo
  • Stream the Nightbirds on Spotify


    Stream the Nightbirds on Spotify. Discover new songs first. Follow the Nightbirds or add us to your playlist.
  • MERRY GO ROUND - Out now


    Watch the video for the Nightbirds new rockin tune MERRY GO ROUND
  • WORLD PREMIER - New Video Alert "NEVER GONNA LET YOU GO" by the Nightbirds


    WORLD PREMIER - New Video Alert "NEVER GONNA LET YOU GO" by the Nightbirds
  • WORLD PREMIER VIDEO RELEASE - Bring It Out by the Nightbirds


    WORLD PREMIER: - Watch the NEW MUSIC VIDEO by The Nightbirds "BRING IT OUT" Bring It Out has charted in the Indie Rock 101 Nashville Top 40 Charts…/artist/the-nightbirds/id374987983 Copyright (C) 2016 Blue Robin Music. ‪#‎nowplaying‬ ‪#‎thenightbirdsband‬ ‪#‎thenightbirdsvideos‬ ‪#‎olympics‬
  • Never Gonna Let You Go by the Nightbirds - out now.


    OUT NOW -

    The uber smooth new song from the Nightbirds, "NEVER GONNA LET YOU GO"
  • Out Now New Video by the Nightbirds "FEELS SO RIGHT"


    View the new video from the Nightbirds "FEELS SO RIGHT"
  • New Video out soon "FEELS SO RIGHT" by the Nightbirds


    Our new video will be out in the next couple of days, so watch for "FEELS SO RIGHT" by the Nightbirds on our website or Facebook. #feelssoright #thenightbirdsband
  • the Nightbirds Top 40 Streak Continues


    23 Consecutive weeks in the Indie Rock 101 Nashville Top 40 Most Requested Songs of the Week. This week "FEELS SO RIGHT" goes from 21 to NO 9.

    Thank you everyone for keeping us there.

  • Stream and favorite the Nightbirds on SPOTIFY


    the Nightbirds are available for streamin now in SPOTIFY - so don't hesitate to come on over and save us as favorites and hear your favorite Nightbirds Songs on demand.
  • Available now the New Ballad from the Nightbirds "LOVE WILL"


    Preview and purchase the new ballad LOVE WILL by the Nightbirds
  • "LOVE WILL" New ballad from the Nightbirds


    New ballad from the Nightbirds "LOVE WILL"
  • "BRING IT OUT" New song from the Nightbirds


    Stream on Apple Music the new rockin song from the Nightbirds "BRING IT OUT"
  • NO 1 For the Nightbirds.


    Yes the Nightbirds have had their first number one since Christmas on Indie Rock 101 Nashville - Top 40 Charts - COALS OF FIRE hits no. 1 (this is 14 consecutive weeks for the Nightbirds in the Indie Rock Top 40 Charts - And debuting at No. 4 this week the Nightbirds new song 'BRING IT OUT'. Thank you to everyone.
  • New song "BRING IT OUT" by the Nightbirds


    New song by the Nightbirds "BRING IT OUT"
  • CD Available


    Our new CD will be available for digital download, also physical CD will be available on CD Baby in a couple of weeks. The cd features 8 tracks from the Nightbirds. the Nightbirds VOLUME ONE
  • New Song Released "COALS of FIRE"


    We've just released our new tune COALS OF FIRE - it's available for download on Itunes, Google Play and Amazon.
  • Out Now ON OUR WAY by the Nightbirds


    Out now. Our new song "ON OUR WAY" Available at Itunes, Google Play and Amazon Music. We are happy to report we entered into the Indie Rock 101 Nashville Charts at No. 9 this week Feb 2, 2016. Also in the charts this week is "ALL UPHILL" by the Nightbirds coming in at No. 12. Thanks to all who support us. It means everything.
  • On Our Way - by the Nightbirds


    On Our Way available soon at Amazon, Google Play & Itunes. Available exclusively until release by request only on
  • Indie Rock Chart Success


    the Nightbirds have been 6 weeks in the IndieRock101Nashville.Com charts with 2 or more songs, and 7 weeks in the charts in total to date.
  • While We're Breathing by the Nightbirds Out Now


    Hi everyone. Our newest song was released on October 30th, 2015 it’s called WHILE WE’RE BREATHIN’ It’s a real good feel good song, you can preview and purchase online at Amazon, Google Play and Itunes.
  • Rain Released September 9th, 2015


    Well it’s out now, our newest song, it’s called RAIN available at Itunes, Amazon and Google Play.
  • All Uphill The Nightbirds


    Hi Everyone, We’re working on our new tune called ALL UPHILL . Laying down the bass tracks today, lead guitar in the next few days and we will be releasing this new single soon. I’m sure everyone who’s anyone can relate to this song. There’s only so much any of us can do in many circumstances and ALL UPHILL represents I think how most people feel when they are experiencing struggles, no matter how big or small; it’s all relevant. We’ll keep you posted. ALL UPHILL from the Nightbirds Coming soon to all your favorite online digital retailers.
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