The Nightbirds

the nightbirds

The Nightbirds are an all original band based in the Seattle Washington Area. The Nightbirds consist of Skully from Ireland, Robin Gibson from Seattle and Edoardo Meregalli from Milan Italy. The Nightbirds' music is written, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Robin Gibson. The songs and music of The Nightbirds is a mix of heavy rock, pop, country, commercial rock, blues. 

"We write what we feel and we feel what we play". Robin Gibson. 

The Nightbirds don't pigeon hole themselves into one genre or another. It's all about the music and the feeling when the song is conceived. 

The Nightbirds have a big following both in the United States, also across Europe and Asia. The Nightbirds' Music is being played across the globe on indie radio stations, with songs topping the charts for many weeks with many different songs, styles and genres.